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Yoga in Bali

Bali is the world's leading destination for yoga & spiritual retreats. On Bali there is a link to enlightenment. The beliefs of the Balinese are a living force that pervades the island. The island sings of love. The love of making an offering of woven palm leaves and beautiful flowers, or lighting a stick of incense and by praying a Mantra. What a beautiful setting to practice Yoga!

The healing energy and the culture of Bali is renowned through out the world. Bali has spectacular spas, tropical resorts and hotels that are perfect settings for your yoga practice. Bali Advisor leads yoga tours to Bali through Spirit Tours, or you can travel on your own.

We recommend these Yoga Centers in Bali:

Manik Organik Desa Seni Intuitive Flow
Manik Organik
Location: Sanur
Desa Seni
Location: CANGUU
Intuitive Flow
Karma Kandara The Purist Villa Boreh
Karma Kandara
Location: NUSA DUA
The Purist Villas & Spa
Location: UBUD
Villa Boreh
Location: NORTH BALI
Yoga Barn Zen Bali  
The Yoga Barn
Location: UBUD
Zen Bali Yoga Retreat
Location: UBUD

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