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Tirtaganga, a beautiful water garden located near the village of Ababi about 18 km from Candi Dasa and 83 km from Denpasar. Tirtaganga meaning blessed waters of the Ganges (holy river in India) was built in 1948 by the late Raja Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem.

The source of the pools is an underground spring, considered holy, just under the giant Banyan tree. Religion rites and ceremonies were performed at the spring. Temple priests used these holy waters for their offerings and prayers. Inspired, the Raja built a water garden nearby for his family and his subjects.

The water garden consists of three ponds and dozens of sculptures. The top level, just under the banyan tree is for swimming. The second has a beautiful tower with water gushing out. The third level is for bathing, but only for the local Balinese. An expat built a country home nearby and there is also a restaurant above the springs and an accommodation nearby.


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