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Spas in Sanur Beach, Bali

The famous fishing village of Sanur is located on the eastern coastline of Bali. Sheltered by a coral reef, the grand mountains of central Bali compose a superb view east across the bay. Sanur is set among lush tropical gardens. Its quality hotels and resorts offer an excellent alternative for those who prefer a slower-paced holiday. The yellow sand beach is safe and offers numerous water sports including: swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, outrigger sailing and windsurfing. Shop at Sanur's lively beach market for some bargains. During the evening the choices are equally as varied, with a huge selection of restaurants and elegant nightclubs making a choice difficult. Most hotels and resorts also feature traditional music and dance performances.

OUR PREFERRED Spas in Sanur Beach

Bali Hyatt Bali Hyatt Spa - A sanctuary where you can rejuvenate body and soul with the proven healing power of aromatherapy and massage treatments. Designed in a typical Balinese courtyard style, with several free-standing villas and open-air pavilions.
Bali Orchid Spa Bali Orchid Spa - At Bali Orchid Spa we offer the true Balinese hospitality and focus on the well being of our friends and guests in a beautiful garden setting.
Grand Odiseus Spa Grand Odiseus Spa - comprises six private treatment rooms – two single rooms, one double room and three double suites. The double suites feature an outdoor bath and shower set in a private stone walled garden
Madurah Spa Madurah Spa Mandurah Spa is the spa in Sanur area-located near the ocean is offering all-natural spa treatments created exclusively for those of every level people who is seeking to relax.

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