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Bali Advisor recommends these books about Bali to help you understand the culture and to help you get the most out of your Bali experience. We feel it is always good to read books on the culture and history of Bali to help you understand the island and its people.

Bali Impressions of ParadiseBali Impressions of Paradise
Suggested Itineraries around the Island
by Jim Omi Cramer

"Thanks, Jim for book! It helped make our trip to Bali a wonderful experience. Your suggested outings were easy to follow and helped me and my husband to make the most of our limited time in Bali."
- Ann and Ken Holden, Tampa Florida

$14.95 Includes Shipping and Tax for USA


Bali Language GuideIndonesian Language Guide
by Jim Cramer

The Indonesian Language Guide is the perfect handbook for visitors to Bali. It will help you get directions, ask how much, bargain, and explains Indonesian numbers from 0 to a million (juta). It's the perfect pocket guide to help you navigate around the island. Easily downloads to your Kindle or iPhone. $2.99 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.



Best Surf Spots in BaliSurfing in Bali
by Tim Omi and Jim Cramer

Where to surf and when to go. Detailed descriptions of each surf spot easily downloads to your Kindle or iPhone. $4.99 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.




Bali with Kids
Bali with Kids Guidebook

This unique comprehensive family guidebook offers up to date information about kid friendly activities and places in Bali as well as practical and cultural background information relevant for families with babies, infants, children and teenagers.



Secrets of BaliSecrets of Bali
by Jonathan Copeland with Ni Wayan Murni

If you buy only one book in addition to a standard travel guide, this is the volume for you. Simply a 'must read' for foreign visitors, residents, and those everywhere who have fallen under the spell of 'The Morning of the World'.




Island of BaliIsland of Bali
by Miguel Covarrubias

First published in 1937 this book is still regarded by many as the most authoritative book on Bali and its fascinating people. Included is a wealth of information on the daily life, art, customs and religion of this magical "Island of the Gods".




Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Bali and the Komodo RegionDiving and Snorkeling Guide to Bali and the Komodo Region
by Tim Rock

This book is filled with great photos and insider information. It is the most informative and up to date on Bali's beautiful underwater world!




by Nigel Simmonds, et al

This book is a very lovely book with wonderful photographs as well as archive pictures on Bali.




Lonely Planet Bali & LombokLonely Planet Bali & Lombok
by Ryan Ver Berkmoes, et al

Pamper, party, play and plunge into Bali's rich and hospitable culture - our bestselling guide tells you how.





The Food of Bali: Authentic RecipesThe Food of Bali: Authentic Recipes
By Heinz Vonhozen and Lother Arsana.

A well illustrated and informative cookbook.




Surfing IndonesiaFielding's Surfing Indonesia
by Leonard Lueras, Lorca Lueras, Kathy Knoles

In-Depth Guide to Boarding on the World's Largest Archipelago.





A Tale from BaliA Tale from Bali
by Vicki Baum

This wonderful tale of Bali was first published in 1937. It is a classic tale of love and death in the tropics against a backdrop of the turmoil on this island being faced by the Balinese in their struggle against the Dutch colonialists. Vicki Baum had a fascinating insight into the Balinese society through her friend, Doctor Fabius, a long time Dutch resident of the island.



Bali, Sekala and NiskalaBali, Sekala and Niskala, Essays on Religion, Ritual, and Art
by Fred B. Eiseman Jr.

A comprehensive guide to the role religion has played on Balinese life. Emphasis on how the Balinese view the supernatural as well as descriptions of temples, festivals etc.


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