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Yoga in Sanur, Bali

Yoga in Sanur, BaliManik Organik = passion for all things natural...embracing and respecting the dynamiks of organiks...celebrating the concept via food, holistic living practice healing ...and fostering community... It's a place that promotes a global connection through the above...providing a point of reference or gathering place for members of the conscious tribes of the world...The space and people exude peace and a sense of welcome that pervades all who visit and's a place for interchange and exchange of ideas and awareness encouraged daily by the global food offerings, the practice of yoga, tai chi, the practice of healing...and pursuit of arts via dance and drawing...a place of peaceful dynamics ...constantly aware and responding to the needs of the clientele... This is perfect for the holistic traveler who wants to have the spiritual connection, while being nestled in the heart of this quite beach town of Sanur.

Manik Organik StudioYoga Style: The basic yoga style taught in Manik Organik studio is Hatha Yoga but we have many teachers with different styles in teaching Hatha Yoga. Our teachers vary from nationality to nationality bringing with them differing approaches and nuances that enrich the yogic experience...In many cases the delivery and practice combines a number of practices including the concept of energy movement and work...The Balinese influence is very strong and the linkage to nature simplicity and beauty is woven throughout the sessions. Meditative practice is also a inherent part of the platform of practice.

MawaliStudio "MAWALI" provides the ideal space for practices ...designed to harmonize and re-enforce our attachment to nature by using bamboo and jute's a space that breathes with you ...filtered light from the crushed bamboo ceiling adds to the lightness and airiness of the place of practice...with a view over mature Jepun (frangipani) trees with the fragrant flowers permeating the air's a place of peace harmony and contemplation..."instant calm" comes to mind as people enter.

"Yogic eats to live not lives to eat". Yoga practice and belief provides you with a simple plan to encourage intelligent eating... to help you choose foods that are wholesome, energizing and have optimal nutritional value. Yoga philosophy encourages you to eat foods which contribute to your health and well-being; to eat things that bring inner peace to the mind and body and encourage spiritual growth. This is what Manik Organik offers.

Manik Organic

Manik OrganicFood offerings food for the global tribe...MO has an extensive and diverse menu that reflects the diversity of tribes that pass through our doors.. from select organic produce...and prepared with Yogic attention and care the meals snacks and drinks provide the perfect balanced supplement to the practice of yoga in the studio "MAWALI". With food offerings ranging from "raw foods" through vegan and gluten free to the gambit of international favorites ...including Asian, Indian, Moroccan to Italian's a feast for all the senses. "RARISAN"as the Balinese would say...

Manik Organik also has a store front that offers holistic remedies, nick knacks and grocery items that you can not get any where else on the Island. For this area, Manik Organic is the only place to do yoga, relax in a very friendly environment or just catch the local vibe. Settle in and go with the flow.

Manik Organik
Jl. Danau Tamblingan 85, Sanur
Ph. +62.361 8553380

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