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Sanur, Bali

The famous fishing village of Sanur is located on the eastern coastline of Bali. Sheltered by a coral reef, the grand mountains of central Bali compose a superb view east across the bay. Sanur is set among lush tropical gardens. Its quality hotels and resorts offer an excellent alternative for those who prefer a slower-paced holiday. The yellow sand beach is safe and numerous water sports - swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, outrigger sailing and windsurfing - are available. Shop at Sanur's lively beach market for some bargains. During the evening the choices are equally as varied, with a wide selection of restaurants. The night life here is targeted more for the Jazz audience, especially at the Hyatt hotel. Most hotels and resorts also feature traditional music and dance performances.

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The Sanur that belongs to the Balinese is hard to find. It is tucked away in the groves along the beach, or in quiet neighborhoods off the beach. However, along the beach are several small temples:

Pura Segara is on Jalan Segara Ayu between the entrance to the Segara Village Beach Hotel and the Sanur Beach market. "Segara" means sea and "pura" means temple. The gate of the temple is flanked by two painted demons.

Pura Merta Sari is at the southern end of Sanur beach. This temple is shaded by a huge tree and the local's feel this place is charged with supernatural force.

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