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Restaurants in Ubud, Bali

Ubud is famous as an arts center in Bali. European artist Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet settled here in the 1930's. Since then artists from around the world have come to Ubud to create works of art in the beautiful surroundings. Ubud is now one of the major tourist destinations in Bali.

Ubud is 1hour and 30 minutes from the airport. The main intersection is the junction of Monkey Forest Road and Ubud's main road, Jalan Raya Ubud. Beautiful rice terraces climbing the steep hillside, with tropical rain forest in the river valleys provides a picturesque setting.

If you came to Bali to experience the culture and also to have a home base that is central to the rest of the island, Ubud is where you want to stay. There are many restaurants in Ubud from local warung style to very elegant and expensive, also the in between with great and affordable meals. We are constantly reviewing our restaurants in Ubud to make sure they meet Bali Advisor seal of approval.

OUR PREFERRED Restaurants in UBUD area:

  • Ibu RaiIbu Rai - one of the first warungs visited by westerners in Ubud. My mom recalls sitting with Ibu Rai in 1975 on Monkey Forest Road when it was a dirt path and there was no electricity in Ubud. Ibu Rai had a little cart-style warung where she served 'Black Bean Soup' with fried onions and chiles tossed in. She and my Dad would sit and pick up Indonesian and Balinese with the beautiful Ibu Rai for 100 rps. While Ibu Rai has passed, her heart and soul live on through her Grandson. He has expanded the menu and every day drives to Sanur to pick up fresh seafood for the day. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, Ibu Rai's will deliver mouth watering food with an amazing vibe. Try the Tom Yum soup, with chicken avocado Bali salad and wash it down with a fresh mojito. Ibu Rai's is a must in Ubud.

  • Taco Casa n' GrillTaco Casa n' Grill - some of the best Mexican food I have found in Bali. Kutut, its founder spent two years in America developing his culinary expertise, this is very self evident through the freshness of the food. His open kitchen setting allows all to see just how hard his staff works to exceed your expectation. This is the start of Kutut's empire and all who visit Ubud have to stop by for fresh tortillas, splendid nachos and fajitas as if you were in the heart of Mexico.

  • Jazz Cafe Bali - The Jazz Cafe was created in 1996 by Agung Wiryawan and his wife Nina. With Agung's passion for music and Nina's love of design they created a place where he and other talented musicians could get together and jam in a stylish and intimate atmosphere. When I bring tours to Bali we always spend a night at the Jazz Cafe dancing and listening to music.

  • Murni'sMurni's Warung - near the Tjampuhan river bridge. Murni opened up one of the first restaurants in Ubud. I remember walking down from my house up the road across the bridge to eat her chocolate chip cookies. The restaurant has since grown with three different levels on the river. This restaurant is an oldie but still a goodie. One of my favorites! Try the lounge on level two. And then the gift shop on the top floor. Tell them Bali advisor sent you!

  • Cinta GrillCinta - Karen and Guski the Owners of Cinta are long time friends of mine and have become very successful with 4 restaurants in Ubud, plus a catering service. There is a reason GOOD FOOD. Their other restaurants in Ubud are Terazo, Batan Waru and Siam Sally for great Thai Food. Tell them Bali advisor sent you!

  • Casa Luna - Owned by Janet and her husband Ketut. They also own Indus with beautiful views in Tjampuhan. One of my favorite streets in Ubud is Jalan Bisma and the Honeymoon Guests House is a small charming hotel named after the bakery on the premesis. Also, Janet hosts the Casa Luna Cooking School that I have attended with my Spirit of Bali Tour members

  • Cafe Wayan - This is another favorite of mine. On Monkey forest road in Ubud. Ibu Wayan's warung was a little bamboo foodstall feeding rice farmers before Ubud became urbuan. The atmosphere is great as is the Indonesian dishes, especially Nasi Campur. Oh did I mention the fantastic bakery up front. Ibu also owns Alam Indah Hotels not a far walk from the restaurant.

  • Puri Garden Hotel and Restaurant - Located at Pengosekan street in the foothills of Ubud village. The restaurant prepares delicious Balinese Style food.

  • Cafe Lotus - This restaurant was the second in Ubud. I remember when it opened by Rio Helmi and Ella his wife. Everyone was so excited. It has since changed hands but is still a beautiful venue for lunch or dinner.

  • Cafe Havana - Cafe Havana is our Salute to the people of Cuba - their culture, their tenacity, their ingenuity, their passion, their pride, their music and dance! This restaurant located on vibrant Jalan Dewi Sita is more of a night spot with live music everynight.

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