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Restaurants in Sanur Beach, Bali

The famous fishing village of Sanur is located on the eastern coastline of Bali. Sheltered by a coral reef, the grand mountains of central Bali compose a superb view east across the bay. Sanur is set among lush tropical gardens. Its quality hotels and resorts offer an excellent alternative for those who prefer a slower-paced holiday. The yellow sand beach is safe and numerous water sports - swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, outrigger sailing and windsurfing - are available. During the evening the dining choices are varied, with a wide selection of restaurants. Most hotels and resorts also feature traditional music, jazz music or local performers singing your favorite ballad.

OUR PREFERRED Restaurants in Sanur Beach:

  • Manik OrganikManik Organik - one of our favorite little restaurants for a great healthy feed. Whether it is fresh vegetables that come from their organic farm, refreshing fruit smoothie or an incredible dessert, we have never had some thing we did not like.

  • Cafe Batu Jembar - One of my favorite restaurants in Bali. Casual atmosphere, good food and jazz on some nights. The menu is mostly dominated by Indonesian dishes, however you can also find an array of Indian, Mediterranean and other International dishes.

  • TELAGA NAGA - Telaga Naga is an authentic Chinese restaurant, serving Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine. It is set among tranquil lotus ponds in its own private tropical garden, just across from the main entrance of the Bali Hyatt Hotel.

  • Tanjung Sari - Meaning Cape of flowers this hotel has a beautiful restaurant right on the beachfront. Elegant atmosphere and great seafood.

  • Lumut - Specialty is Seafood, especially Lobster. Sit in the second floor back from the road. Beautiful gardens and good service and you can shop down stairs while waiting for your meal. Good coffee and Juice during the day! Phone 270009
  • Retro Cafe and Gallery - Friendly staff and good seafood kebabs Servings are generous and well priced. Go there for an enjoyable meal and check out the paintings on the walls. Phone 282472

  • Apa Kabar Cafe - The name literally means "How are you?" Family style dining. 286365

  • Alise's Restaurant - Latern lit outdoor dining by the pool with ballads sang by local artists. Phone 282510


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