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Balinese Cooking Class

Embark on a culinary adventure unlocking the secrets of authentic Balinese cooking, utilizing traditional ingredients and preparation methods, in a fully equipped community village kitchen.

cooking class in Bali

The day starts at 7:30 and all the rules of Bali Time apply. The first stop is the Ubud Market. Here you will see how every morning starts for the local Balinese chef.

Ubud Market

Next you will be taken to the cooking school's organic farm, in the hills of Ubud. It is here where you start to realize that Paon-Bali Cooking School has the intimate touches that separate it for all if their competition. After that you will be taken to the local compound of Puspa and Wayan, the schools owners, and shown how local Balinese live and practice there way of life.

Paon-Bali Cooking SchoolPaon-Bali Cooking School

After all that, it's time to start cooking and this is where the magic starts. Puspas knowledge of Balinese cuisine will give even the most advanced chef some new ideas and inspiration. It is such a joy to be able to get these directions for someone who has such a love and passion for living life, Bali and cooking. This cooking class will be a highlight of your trip and comes highly recommended by all of the staff at Bali Advisor.

Balinese cuisine

Visit Paon-Bali Cooking School for more information.

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