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Spas in Bali

A visit to Bali will refresh your spirit, mind and body. The spas of Bali follow a centuries old tradition of belief in the sacredness of the body as a temple of the soul.

The spa treatments range from traditional Swedish or Shiatsu Massage and Aromatherapy to exotic island specials that use local herbs and oils. These oils are made from extracts of such plants as Jahe (ginger), Jepun (frangipani), Cendana, (sandlewood) and Kelapa (coconut).

The local specials include: body scrubs; thalasso Bali, which involves using minerals from the sea; ayurvedic healing rituals from India and the most famous of all the Mandi Lulur.

Recommended Spas from different villages around the island:

East Bali Jimbaran and Bukit Kuta and Legian North Bali
East Bali Jimbaran-Bukit Kuta-Legian North Bali
Nusa Dua Sanur Beach Seminyak - Canguu Ubud
Nusa Dua Sanur Beach Seminyak-Canggu Ubud

"Bali is as close to paradise as you'll get, without purchasing a one way ticket to the afterlife! The island is infused with a deep, spiritual calm; it truly feels like a holy place.

Balinese spas are absolutely grounded in spirituality. Even entering a spa is a special experience. The first thing I noticed was a blissful mixture of fragrances; a rich layering of scents that comes from the essential oils which are diffused into the air along with burning incense and scented candles.

There is something so magical about this land that no matter where I am, all I want to do is breath deeply of the scented air and marvel at the wondrous landscapes. Like a teenager in love, I want to return to Bali again, again and again." - Carol Barden, Spa Finder Magazine

purification flowersMandi Lulur meaning "lulur bath" is from the island of Java and traditionally was for prenuptial ceremonies. This exfoliation and body polishing treatment is now famous in Bali. The health practitioner makes a paste of sandalwood, tumeric, ground nuts, rice and other scented woods. The paste is then painted on the body which exfoliates the body and is left to dry. The dried paste is then gently rubbed off, which polishes and exfoliates the skin. This treatment is followed by a hot shower and then a yogurt mix is wiped over the body restoreing balance to the skin. The treatment is completed with a warm bath filled with scented flowers.

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