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Adventure in Bali

Yoga Yoga: Yoga practitioners from around the world travel to Bali for yoga to enrich their soul, mind and body. Bali is an ideal setting for yoga with its beautiful scenery and deep spiritual culture. Bali continues to grow as a prime destination for the spiritual tourism.
Surfing Surfing: The obvious sports one would expect to find in Bali are, of course, surfing and diving. There are plenty of these activities. Bali is world renowned for its surf and surfers from everywhere flock to Bali to enjoy the glassy tubes.
Diving Diving: Diving in Bali has grown into a tourist industry in itself.
Rafting Rafting, Wind-surfing and Jet skiing: There are many sports in Bali to keep you busy. They include white water rafting, wind-surfing, water and jet skiing. Some of Bali's rivers offer exciting white water rafting. For the kid or young at heart there is Waterbom Park & Spa.
Sailing & Cruises Sailing & Cruises: There are many companies that offer one-day up to one week of sailing adventures around Bali.
Cycling Cycling: Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bali's countryside using peddle power.
Volcano Climbing Volcano Climbing: For the more adventurous there is volcano climbing.
Trekking & Bird Watching Trekking & Birdwatching: For the really mild at heart there is some great trekking and bird watching.
Golfing Golf: For you "land lovers" Bali has four great golf courses.

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