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Bali 5 Day Tour

5 days personalized tour in Bali

East Bali Tour

The Eastern Bali tour is a journey into one of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions of Bali. Eastern Bali is a very different experience than the lush plains of the south. Gentle sloping valleys of fertile rice fields and volcanic rocky hills slope downwards from Mount Agung to a narrow , coastal strip of sweet potato fields, coconut and banana plantations. The pace of life is quiet in the fishing villages and hillside communities.

This overview of Eastern Bali can be arranged into three, five or eight day tours depending on your personal preferences. The following is a brief description of what you can expect to experience.

The places of interest to be explained are;
Gianyar-Sideman-Klungkung-Goa Lawa-Padang Bai-Tenganan- Candi Dasa-Tirtaganga-Ahmed Beach-Selat-Besakih. Gianyar-optional stop in authentic market place for local ikat weavings and sarongs. Hand woven or hand dyed cloth can be purchased by the meter. New designs and ideas are created every day to satisfy the demands of tourists and visitors. Klungkung- Ancient capital of Bali

Goa Lawah- Sacred Bat Caves-All Balinese make pilgrimage to one of Bali’s 7 sacred temples.see more..On your escape from the cave, trek along the coast to Padang Bai, a pearl shaped bay encircled.

Drive by Padang Bai Harbor, home to cruise ships and yachts, port of transit to Lombok, Gili and outlying islands Candi Dasa, coastal town, laid back and awaiting a second resurgence. White Sand Beach is nearby beach. Tanganon ChandidasaTenganan-An interesting side trip from Candi Dasa is to the village of Tenganan. Sheltered in a secluded valley, this walled village is the home of the Bali Aga people who, as the Tryunan people, have resisted outside influences for centuries. See more… Leaving Candi Dasa, a journey east will head you towards Amlapura, the main town in the Regency of Karangasem. You will first climb Gumang hill and at the top are beautiful vistas of the sea and the Bahu river and the rice fields that border it. Tirtagangga- Water Palace and rejuvenating springs originating beneath Mt. Agung.

Amed -Black sand beach and fishing village.

Selat-Home of small alligator fruit with same name On this inland route on the back road to Besakih you will experience some of the most stunning scenery on the island, and venture through the quaint villages of Selat and Sibetan.

Besakih-To return home, saving the visit to Besakih-Mother Temple of the Balinese for another time, the road goes through the village of Iseh with magnificent views of rice field terraces climbing upward toward the volcano.

3 days- $300 a person
5 Days- $500 a person
8 Days- $800 a person
If you would like nicer accommodations we can add your desired level which will add to the price


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